While our prayer is that all those who come and join us for worship are encouraged, the main objective of these gatherings is the worship of God.  We do this a couple of ways.  Music is an important aspect of our worship gatherings and we sing songs that exalt The Father.  We take the Lord's Supper every week as a form of a memorial response to what Christ has done to redeem us from our sin.  The center piece of our worship gatherings is the preaching of God's Word.  We employ an expositional form of preaching, in which the point of the sermon is always the point of the passage.  This ensures that God's Word is exposed properly to all those who hear it.  Our prayer is that all of this is Holy Spirit powered, Christ exalting, and God honoring.

Below you'll see our recent sermon series.  To hear our archived sermons, please see the archived section at the bottom of this page.