Gospel Mission

The call to make disciples of Christ isn't an option for the church, Christ commands it.  So making more and better disciples is at the heart of what we do as a church - you could say it's our "mission."  Below we list several ways in which we work out the Great Commission within our church:

  • Gospel Communities

    As we detailed on our Gospel Communities page, our City Groups actively invite their friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family members to join them for this crucial ministry.  Outside of our weekly gatherings, our City Groups can be the best thing to invite those in whom we want to expose to our church life.  Our covenant members often use their City Groups as an effective tool to expose those whom they've been sharing the Gospel with to the Christian life lived out in community.

    We also devote an entire week to serve the community around us in various ways.  Whether that be throwing a neighborhood cookout, mowing the lawn of a needy neighbor, or serving with other community ministries here in Mobile - missional service is a major component to our City Groups.

  • Missions Giving

    As you can see from our Affiliation's page, we are a Southern Baptist Congregation.  By viewing the video in the SBC section of that page you'll see how our giving to the Southern Baptist Convention makes us a part of a global network of missionaries, seminaries, and church planters.  We covet our cooperative program giving because its a big way our small church can impact the world for Christ.

    You'll also notice from the Affiliation's page, we also work with the Acts29 church planting movement.  As an Acts29 church, we partner with hundreds of church planting churches world wide.

  • Life Vesting International

    Supporting International Missions cannot begin and end with just financial support.  Christ's Great Commission calls us to "go."  Although the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention offers a number of ways for pastors and members of SBC churches to engage in International Missions, we have partnered with LifeVesting International, which is led by one of our covenant members, as an avenue for our people to go to the nations.  To learn more about LifeVesting International, please see our Affiliations Page.