City groups

For a church to say they're a community of believers doing life together is just words unless they provide ways in which life can be lived in genuine community.  You can view our strategy to facilitate a disciple-making community at South City primarily through three avenues.  One avenue is our Sunday worship gatherings, this can be described as "the church gathered." Our worship gatherings are a necessary component to our lives lived in community.  Another avenue could be seen in our City Groups.  These weekly groups are made up of, ideally, between 6 and 10 people (plus children if applicable) that gather to share. They share life, they share their burdens, they share in praying for one another, they share a meal together, they share in studying scripture, they share in spending time together. Our DNA groups are another avenue in which the ongoing discipleship of our members takes place in a smaller setting of 3-4 people that meet weekly together.  Through this consistent gathering all of life can be shared in community.  We do have a monthly schedule for our City Groups:

Week 1: No City Groups - Group leaders attend leadership meetings

Week 2: Invite a friend week

Week 3: Bible Study week

Week 4: Ministry Service week

Week 5: Groups Choice week

DNA Groups

DNA  Groups are also vital avenues of discipleship for believers in covenant membership @ SCC.

These groups are made up of 3-4 men or 3-4 women, ideally from the same City Group, that meet weekly for an hour to discuss the scriptures they are studying  throughout the week together, life and sin issues, praying for and encouraging one another. The strategy  we use is in the name D-discover, N-nurture, A-act; we are learning about God and one another (D) so that we can effectively teach the gospel to one another as well as ourselves (N) and call one another to action as we walk out our faith empowered by the Holy Spirit (A) to bring glory to our good Father.