Who we are & what we do

Being a minister of the Gospel isn't a special calling on certain Christians, it's the calling of all Christians.  Ministers of the Gospel is who we are and ministry service is what we do.  Gospel service comes in all shapes and sizes and can be carried out in many different ways.  Being a member at South City isn't an invitation to serve, it's a call to serve.  Every member serves according to their gifting.  Paul tells us over and over again in letters to his church plants that every believer is uniquely gifted by Christ to carryout Gospel Ministry.  For some, their gifting is serving our children, partnering with our parents to help their children mature in Christ.  For others, their gifting is serving the poor and needy and they partner with their City Group to lead them to serve in this manner.  Maybe ministry service comes through teaching and discipling others.  Then again, some have a heart for evangelism and missions.  However Christ has gifted you, we desire that our members express that gifting within the life of our church.

Our Heart...Our Ministry

At the heart of how we do life together as a church is our ministry.  Our ministry starts with how we serve each other. Living in close community with other believers is a tall task.  Among the ever present spiritual needs each of us have, from time to time we need benevolent help.  Part of who we are is a people serving one another, serving each other to see spiritual growth and an every expanding Christ-likeness in each other, and serving each other in time of need whether that's to help in financial, housing, family and/or work emergencies.  To learn more about how we serve one another within our church take a look at ministry to our children (Little City), and how we work out the gospel in community (Gospel Communities) click on the links provided.

As we serve each other faithfully our ministry service expands to outside our church family.  Serving our city, communities, and neighbors with the love of Christ is crucial to our disciple-making efforts at South City.  We also think globally in service to Christ's Commission in Matthew 28 through our missions efforts.  You can learn more about both more about our Gospel Missions strategy by click on this link: Gospel Missions

How to Engage in Ministry

In this section of our website we want to highlight just a few of our ministries that often get the most attention.  This, by no means, is an exhaustive list of opportunities.  Most of the time, ministry happens organically.  The Holy Spirit reveals a need to someone or a group of people and provides the means, the heart, and the leadership to meet that need - low-and-behold we have ministry.  For those seeking membership at South City, our pastors and leadership will work closely with you to help find an area of service that will best fit your spiritual gifting if you should need it.

Check out the links to our Children's Ministry, Discipleship Ministries, and Missions opportunities to dig a little deeper into South City's ministry life.