These days, people have varying expectations when it comes to attending or visiting a church.  It goes beyond what you wear for Sunday worship gatherings, extending all the way to style and vision.  We understand these are common concerns people have when researching a local congregation.  Our worship gatherings are just that...worship.  You can accomplish this in whatever you should choose to wear.  Our worship gatherings are concerned about the condition of our hearts and we care very little about what style of clothes you have on (but please wear clothes).

You can come just as you are spiritually.  Christians, non-Christian, people of other beliefs and skeptics are more than welcome to join us on Sundays and for our City Groups.  One of the most effective ways to learn about God and His people is to observe them as they worship Him together.  We sing God honoring and Christ exalting songs in whatever style they should be in.  You're just as likely to hear an old hymn being sung as you are a modern worship song.  Our pastor primarily use the English Standard Version as our English translation of choice.  If you don't own a Bible, that's o.k., we'll give you one or you can follow along on our big screen monitors as we read.