Ministry Partnerships

Although South City Church is an autonomous church, we have found it very important to partner and affiliate with other doctrinally sound churches and ministries.  These associations provide help and encouragement to our ministry work while working with us as the Lord directs.  No church has enough resources or people to accomplish the Great Commission and so we strongly believe these ministry relationships help us in this work.

Acts 29

South City desires to be a church that plants churches.  To aide us in this effort we have partnered with Acts 29, a church planting movement.

Lifevesting international

LifeVesting International exists to bring glory to Christ Jesus by mobilizing teams to go into hard ­reached areas and share the gospel. They act as a bridge between what the Lord is doing here, in North America (where they are based) and in SE Asia, where they continue to see him raising up more and more worshipers among the people of the area. They believe in being part of church ­planting movements and mobilizing short ­term teams to do the same, resulting in long ­term relationships to be made and entire people groups to come to know the glory of Jesus Christ. 

LifeVesting International mobilizes teams from churches to come alongside pastors in other nations in order to share the gospel and continue to help plant churches. These indigenous churches carry church planting in their DNA and, from initial conception, begin to plant more churches both in their area and further among the nations. Their short-­term teams help pastors in numerous ways,­ including:

- conducting ESL training in schools and businesses

- giving business training- providing theological training to both pastors and lay leaders

- conducting medical clinics in places with little to no health care available

- door-to-door evangelism

All of these elements open avenues for LifeVesting International to continue to proclaim the gospel in SE Asia and see new disciples made.

The Forgotten Initiative

At South City we have a real burden for Orphan Care and express it through how we serve the Orphan Care community in our City and how some in our congregation pursue adoption and care for orphans.

Southern Baptist Convention

As a cooperating Southern Baptist Church, South City believes that it will take more than just our efforts to full-fill Christ's Great Commission.  So it is our desire to cooperate with missionally and theologically like-minded churches to see the Gospel spread to all nations. Through South City and all other Southern Baptist Church's giving, men and women receive theological training, our Christian ethics and religious liberties are fought for, missionaries are sent all over the world, and churches are planted and supported.  South City is Southern Baptist because we believe when it comes to carrying out the Great Commission, we're better together.