Our Story

South City Church exists to faithfully fulfill the Great Commission by making more and better disciples of Christ. The mission of South City Church is to glorify God by making disciples through gospel centered: worship, community, and mission.

1. Why we planted?

South City as we know it today began as two separate church plants. Living Hope planted in 2011 from a group who had been gathering for a couple years on Sunday nights for worship. South City planted in 2012 under the leadership of Lance Nicholson. In 2014 Lance began meeting with Tim Howard, pastor of Living Hope to get to know one another better. Through their time together discussing church and ministry it became apparent that both church shared a common theology, ministry philosophy, and ministry affiliations. Two similarly sized churches gathering just miles apart from each other. God lead Lance and Tim to begin discussing ways that Living Hope and South City could lock arms to be more effective and efficient at gospel ministry. Through a lot of prayer, discussion and unanimous consent from both congregations Living Hope and South City merged as one congregation (keeping the name South City).  The merger enables two separate churches to become one in an effort to be more effective and efficient at pursuing Christ's Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

2. Why we exist? 

Our purpose statement is simple: South City Church exists to glorify God by making disciples through gospel-centered worship, community and mission. Believe it or not prior to the merger both churches shared this same mission statement. It is our ultimate mission as a church to bring glory to God through our existence as a church. We are God’s Gospel made visible to those whom we interact with. Therefore we must reflect God’s glory in our worship, how we do life together and how faithful we are in God’s mission to the world; making disciples.

3. Our progress thus far?

After our merger the new South City Church updated our statement of faith, our church Constitution, tweaked our Membership Covenant, and expanded our By-Laws. Although the core of who we were as two separate churches stayed the same, our desire was to incorporate a new church by restating and emphasizing our shared values and theology. We have re-instituted our disciple-making ministries with reorganizing and expanding it’s reach in our DNA groups and our City Groups. In September of 2015, the Acts 29 church planting network officially acknowledged South City as part of their network which was the culmination of several years of hard work by and assessment of Lance in leading out in this crucial ministry affiliation. The year following the merger was dedicated to coming together as one church, lead by one Elder body, working under one shared vision for taking the gospel to the ends of the earth.

For a more complete picture of what we believe about the local church you can review our Statements of Faith by clicking on this link.  

For a more robust statement on answering the question "What is the Church?" click on this link

our Vision & Mission

South City Church was established in 2015 by merging two church plants.  The former South City Church was  planted in 2012 and Living Hope Church was planted in 2011.


Our Church does not have a mission; God's mission has a Church. We are a church actively participating in God's mission to make disciples that make disciples and plant churches that plant churches. We have a desire to see the Gospel transform lives in our homes, neighborhoods, communities, our city and to the ends of the earth. We believe that God has us here for this purpose (Acts 17:26-28).